At Intouch Global Foundation, we believe in taking a hands-on approach with the people we support. This could mean physically spending time with them and helping with projects, or simply having a catch-up every now and again.


We are always so excited to talk to the charities and projects to see what they have been up to and the difference that our backing is making.


We recently had catch-up with Flame Cambodia, a charity that helps poor children the in urban areas of Cambodia get an education They kept us up to date with what they have been doing.


Here are some of the key points that came up from our latest meeting:




One student has already received the great news that they have passed their exams and three more are awaiting their results. Well done and fingers crossed.




Covid 19 is currently rife in Cambodia. While this has not affected the students that Flame are helping, one of the teachers has been infected, which means there has been a lot of isolation and that learning is harder.


The Cambodian government are saying that some schools can re-open. However, children must be vaccinated to attend them.


Ears Training 


Students are learning the importance of looking after their ears. They are finding out the right way to look after themselves and what not to do. It is a fun way to educate the children on the importance of looking after their ears.


During the training, it was noticed that some of the children have a few problems and so, have been sent on for check-ups.


Staff have also learnt what to look out for to make sure that children’s ears are healthy and cared for.


Staff Training


It isn’t just the children that keep on developing in their education. The staff have been learning different styles of learning that can be used in their teaching and homework.


Food Packages 


There are currently 58 families that Flame already help with food packages. However, they have identified that 38 more may also need them. Luckily, as families are able to secure jobs and secure food for themselves, this number is declining.


It’s always really interesting to see what Flame have been up to and the positive difference they are making – even in the most unexpected of ways.


Thanks for the chat, Flame, we look forward to talking again soon!


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