The Street Kitchen

Worcester Street Kitchen is a charity based in the West Midlands that provides hot food, warm clothes, much-needed shelter, and basic essentials to vulnerable and homeless people. The charity has a human-to-human approach in ensuring that people are listened to and treated as equals. Intouch Global Foundation has recently bought a new car and cooker for the charity, so trustees are more readily available to deliver food to those that need it. Volunteers from the foundation have also got involved in a hands-on way by delivering food to people. 

Box of Christmas Love
Box of Christmas Love is a locally based charity that provides fresh food hampers and gifts for families in need over the Christmas season.
Friends of Jan Jan Bureh Nursery
Friends of Jan Jan Bureh Nursery is a charity which solely supports Jan Jan Bureh nursery in The Gambia. All money raised is spent on salaries for the teachers, cooks and equipment to support the learning of the young children.
Bwindi Conservation for Generations Foundation
Bwindi Conservationists support communities in and around Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park: one of only two remaining natural habitats of the endangered mountain gorilla. Working alongside local communities, Bwindi help develop sustainable livelihood programmes that do not harm local wildlife, including women’s gardens, food production and ecotourism projects.