Affiliate marketing – could this be the career for you?


Unknown to many, affiliate marketing is a large area in the iGaming industry. If you love marketing and socialising, you may want to check out this article! We caught up with one of our Junior Affiliate Marketers who is just nearing his 1st anniversary (Congrats Joe!). Joe graduated with an advertising and marketing degree before joining Intouch Games.


What does it mean to be an affiliate marketer?

Being an affiliate marketer means many different tasks make up your role, but the main responsibility is to build and maintain affiliate partnerships. As part of our affiliate programme, the role requires you to negotiate deals whilst analysing performance activity on different sites. You must identify trends and patterns in data and use this to determine partner decisions. As Joe explained, ‘it’s a marriage of data and relationships, if you have passion for data and networking then this role is for you!’


What does a typical day look like for an affiliate marketer?

A typical day in the iGaming industry doesn’t exist! Each day at Intouch Games brings with it new challenges, new food and a fresh slice of banter in the team! From checking emails in the morning to team meetings in the afternoon, the days fly. A large part of the role involves monitoring performance and asking those all-important questions, is this partnership profitable? What are the conversion rates like? As you may know, marketing is an umbrella for so many different specialities, all working together in harmony. Some days you could be working on branding and other days with content!


What characteristics make you thrive in this role?

First, the ability to learn from mistakes. For some, like Joe, this was his first graduate role. You will not be expected to know everything right from the start, but you have to be willing to try, adapt and innovate. Secondly, and probably the most important trait: a people person! You will be required to speak to many different people, the ability to build and nurture relationships is crucial. Lastly, accountability. You will be responsible for managing several accounts and taking responsibility for them. It’s definitely a hands-on role… that keeps you on your feet!


What challenges have you faced as an affiliate marketer? How do you overcome them?

In the iGaming sector there can be many strict rules and guidelines you must follow, it’s important to stay aligned with these. You will often be collaborating on content with other departments so it’s imperative to communicate clearly, and efficiently manage your workload. Not only this, you’re responsible for new partnerships so it’s crucial you’ve done all your research on the prospective partners to avoid any problems! You must keep clients happy whilst always representing the company. It can be challenging to begin with, but once you’ve had your training and settled into your team, the role can be anything you make it!


What are the perks of being an affiliate marketer?

Being able to divide your time between home and the office is great. It’s nice to have social interactions, especially in the current climate! Coming out of university you’re often posed the question ‘what can you offer us’ from employers. But it works both ways, as Joe explained ‘I brought my knowledge to work, but I took home with me the ability to stay organised, structured and apply my initiative to challenging situations’.


What advice would you give to somebody who wants to become an affiliate marketer?

It’s not as black or white as being a good or bad marketer. If you are sociable, driven and love a challenge then you have the potential to be a great marketer. It’s such a varied role, be open to trying every aspect, learning from others whilst bringing your ideas to the table. Be proactive and utilise yourself.


Finally, show your personality! It’s the most unique trait you have!


Keep Intouch.


If you’re interested in applying for any roles with us, check out our vacancies page here.

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