Meet our Mental Health First Aiders

Mental Health has always been a high priority for us at Intouch Games. Especially over the last 3 years where everyone has experienced a substantial change to their lifestyle in one respect or another. We felt that it was important to train different members of our team to become Mental Health First Aiders. It was crucial to have people across the business with different opinions and perspectives. We did this to make sure our team felt comfortable approaching any of our mental health first aiders.


We really wanted to up our ratio of mental health first aiders in our business because we understand that sometimes you may want to speak to someone outside of your team. It’s important to know how to approach this both as someone sharing as well as someone listening.


We caught up with some of them to find out why taking on the mental health first aider role was important to them.


Hannah shared that the training was ‘something I had never been trained in before, I gained many skills including how to be a present listener. You are taught how to approach different topics of conversation and how to guide someone to seek professional help. It teaches you to appreciate that everyone has things going on yet we all still try to bring the best versions of ourselves to work but sometimes some extra support is needed.’


Adrian felt that ‘it was valuable not just for the company but for me to learn about mental health beyond just a social media post or reel! Working in HR means that you are often privy to sensitive situations and it’s important to know how to listen and respond appropriately. The training also taught me a lot about myself, key thinking patterns and behaviours that I previously never really thought about.’


Chris added ‘the training is necessary for a modern workplace. I was already aware of some wider issues and stigma around the topic, particularly men’s mental health, however it was enlightening to get a better perspective on lots of different issues we can all face. I feel more prepared to help support the wellbeing of others and even myself!’


At Intouch Games, we are always looking out for new incentives and ways to support one another. By having frequent surveys to find out how our team is feeling and any ideas they would like to share has helped develop our internal communications agenda greatly. Whether it be through our wellbeing breakfasts, after-work yoga sessions or simply recognising that coffee breaks throughout the day are important.


Mental health can still be a taboo subject both, in and outside the workplace. But feelings are always relevant. If you need to speak to someone, check out some of the links below.




Anxiety UK

Men’s Health Forum

Rethink Mental Illness


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