Sales Manager – Could this be the career for you?

This week we caught up with our incredible Senior Sales Manager, Chloe, who has reached her 1st anniversary with Slot Factory, the B2B division of Intouch Games…Happy Anniversary!


Chloe studied Fashion Business at university whilst working ­­­as a stylist for many magazines. She worked on many shoots in a fast-paced environment. After graduating, she entered the world of sales through a recruitment day. It was a terrifying experience, but one that acted as the catalyst for the rest of her career. She progressed in her role to become a sales supervisor, managing some large accounts and a great team!


Wanting a change, she interviewed at Intouch Games. Initially, Chloe was apprehensive, knowing nothing about the gambling industry. Fast forward 12 months she has had a promotion and Slot Factory has seen over 400% growth!


What does a typical day look like?


Chloe is our Sales Manager but is responsible for new business and management across the accounts. The role itself involves bringing in new business alongside typical sales role tasks.


Like many other articles in this series, ‘no one day looks the same’ and we’re not lying!


The role involves a lot of travelling, from regular trips to London and working weeks in Gibraltar, some days in the office to other days taking clients to dinners. When Chloe is in the office it usually begins with checking emails, liaising with the design team to create game content, road maps and customer assets. The afternoons are filled with prospecting, researching companies, and finding new opportunities for the business. She is responsible for finding the right contact and starting the sales process.


What characteristics make you thrive in this role?




To thrive in a sales role, resilience is key. You are front-facing and people-focused so it’s important to be sociable and a natural conversationalist! You will be out in social settings with customers on many occasions so it’s important to be able to have engaging conversation… and know how to be fun!


You always have to be on the ball, up-to-date, and knowledgeable of all our new games. It’s important to remain organised to share deliverables of games if asked. It’s also key to be inquisitive and receptive to client questions. To thrive in a sales role, you need to be adaptable, meet the client’s needs but never lose your individual flair!


What are the main perks of your role?


There is a lot of travelling involved and a large part of the role is making friends. It’s not people buying from people, it’s friends buying from friends. By building that rapport, it becomes a friendship.


When Chloe is in the office, she looks forward to enjoying the company facilities including the gym, canteen and the banter in the team! Finally, it’s that proud feeling. Seeing the company growth is a huge motivator for Chloe and a testament to all her hard work. It makes it all worth it.


What are the main challenges of the role?


Getting hold of the right person… and Covid (if it’s still appropriate to blame things on that!).


Secondly, the negotiation process can be challenging. From the moment you meet a customer, to when you sign a contract can take a few months, so the ‘courting’ phase is pretty important.


Third, it’s trying to stand out from your competitors. You’re trying to get to the top of the list, it’s easier for us because we have a wealth of data to showcase our games, numbers don’t lie!


And finally, it’s learning how to play slot games and understanding how they operate!


What advice would you give to somebody who wants to work in sales?


Be open to learning and be the person you would love to be friends with. People like likeable people! The industry and sector-specific details can be taught, it’s the sales and account management skills the people look for! If you are good at presenting and communicating, then it could be a career for you.


Chloe explained ‘what is life without risk’ take the leap and run with it!


Keep Intouch.


If you’re interested in applying for any roles with us, check out our vacancies page here.

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