Senior Test Analyst – could this be the career for you?

This week we caught up with our Senior Test Analyst – Martin.


Martin has been with us for 2 years, starting as a Test analyst, moving to experienced and is now our Senior Test Analyst. He is also studying for a degree in Computing and Software Development. This is Martin’s first software role after a career spanning 14 years in the electronics and audio engineering industry. When the opportunity came to take the leap, he did.


Fast forward 2 years – he has been crowned our employee of the year!


The leap was definitely worth it!


What does it mean to be a Senior Test Analyst?


Martin and his team are responsible for the back-end quality assurance. Essentially, his team ensures that everything works as it should. They work on our server functions and test our internal software to make certain our customer service, deposit limits and absolutely everything else that our customers need to play our games is working as it should be! 95% of the role is based on manual testing and manual web testing so it’s important to be very meticulous in your work.


What does a typical day look like?


It’s a very varied role, from projects that can take a few hours to others that can take a few weeks. There are always a number of projects on the go so the team has to be highly collaborative on tasks. A typical day will include going through a checklist and checking in with team members. They work in a team of 8 across our 8 brands.


What characteristics make you thrive in this role?


This is a very detail-orientated role – it pays to pick apart everything! To be curious, intuitive, and methodological in everything you do. Thinking outside the box and not being afraid to bring new ideas to the table and being confident enough to put your own stamp on work is great.


What challenges have you faced as a senior test analyst? How do you overcome them?


There are many challenges with the role. What is commonly referred to as ‘mission-critical’ tasks mean they are very high impact and require thorough attention to ensure everything runs smoothly. As he explained further, having good test cases and a collaborative team helps you work through the challenges!


What are the perks of being a senior test analyst?


‘Ruining Dev’s lives’ Martin joked.


As Martin put it, it’s all about finding the bugs in the system so that they can be fixed! Martin’s team is the last team that checks our products before they go live. Knowing that the best possible game is being released on the best platform is a great feeling. Of course, like everyone before him in this article series, Martin added – it’s great to have free food on site!


What advice would you give to somebody who wants to become a senior test analyst?


Be willing to learn and then learn some more. Learn from your peers and hound them with questions. Always be precise and be proud and confident in your work.


If you’re interested in any of our current roles check out or vacancies page here.


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