Talent Acquisition – Could this be the career for you?

This week we caught up with our Talent Acquisition Business Partner, James Keen. James has been in the recruitment industry for 15+ years. A career he fell into after travelling around Australia for six months. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to specialise in, but fast forward two decades he has built a successful career in the recruitment sector. We caught up to find out what it’s like to work within our in-house Talent Acquisition team.


What does it mean to be a recruiter?


Very quickly it becomes clear how different in-house and external recruitment can be. For James, working in-house was the more rewarding route. You are responsible for bringing talent into the business and it’s nice to see the individuals develop in their role and within the company. You are the first point of contact for many prospective employees so it’s important to make a great first impression! You quickly grow invested and care for the people you hire, you want them to be happy in the company and progress in their roles.


What does a typical day look like?


Famously ‘no two days look the same’. As a Talent Acquisition Business Partner, James is concerned with mentoring the team to recruit the best talent available. A large part of the role involves meetings with hiring managers, discussing recruitment projects, and sharing the vision of the team! It also involves CV screening and interviews with prospective candidates. James focuses particularly on recruiting for senior roles. He is also responsible for creating processes for the wider team to follow during the recruitment process.


What characteristics make you thrive in this role?


The most important characteristic would be confidence. You have to be able to talk to key stakeholders and understand their aspirations and needs for new roles. Secondly, it’s to be able to talk! Be intuitive, know what questions to ask, you are not just responsible for finding the right skills, you are looking for someone who embodies the company culture. Passion is just as important as sourcing skills.


What challenges have you faced? How have you overcome them?


For companies everywhere, finding the right talent can sometimes be a challenge. You want to make sure you find the right fit for the team. Part of this comes from how you advertise your roles, what skills and attributes are most important for the company? Equally, what benefits are employees looking for? You need to make sure you are continuously educating yourself on the greatest searching techniques and what’s new!


Next, it’s incredibly important to remember to switch off! With access to phones, emails and LinkedIn, there’s a constant temptation to just check one thing here and another there. It’s important to have boundaries!


What are the perks of the role?


That sense of reward. When you see candidates progress from their first informal conversation with you, right through the recruitment process, you’ve made that difference. Second, it’s the ability to talk to new people. James explained that ‘it’s easier to share enthusiasm for the company with new employees when you love where you work’. Finally, the team. You work closely with every department, your colleagues become friends and there are so many work events where you get to meet everyone in a social setting. – James is a regular at our monthly Beers on the Boss!


What advice would you give?


Go for it! If it interests you then just do it. You don’t need a specific qualification for recruitment roles, you just need passion and a drive to succeed. It’s easier to find passion in others if you have it yourself! The recruitment world is all about building relationships. Build a network for yourself, if somebody comes to you once, give them what they ask for, and they’re likely to use you again.


Keep Intouch.


Did we mention, we’re on the hunt for a recruiter to join our growing team?


If you’re interested in applying for any roles with us, check out our vacancies page here.

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